Microsoft announces Team Flows, a collaborative experience for creating flows

Microsoft today announced a new feature in Flow that makes it easier for users to create Flows that can be used and maintained by others within their organization. This new Team flows feature allows multiple people to own and manage a flow together. Even if someone leaves an organization, the flows they created can continue to run. Team flows supports the following features,

  • Read, update or delete flow
  • View history and debug flow
  • Add or remove other owners
  • Add or remove connections that the flow has access to

Unlike most of the other Flow features, Team flows are only available for paid Microsoft Flow plans. Microsoft today also announced custom APIs support. You can now create a custom API for your web service that you want to automate.

By registering a custom API, you teach Microsoft Flow about the characteristics of your web API, including the authentication that it requires, the triggers and actions that it supports, and the parameters and outputs for each of those actions.

Every now and then, Flow team adds supports for new services. Today, they are announcing full support for Gmail. Users can trigger flows whenever a new mail is sent to your Inbox, or even based on more specific conditions like when an email has a certain label or as marked as important. You can also use actions in gmail to Send email from your Gmail account or even manage emails by deleting them.

Finally, Flow now integrates with Azure Cognitive Services’ LUIS which lets you understand language contextually, so your apps communicate with people in the way they speak.

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