Microsoft announces several new Office 365 security capabilities

Microsoft today announced three new Office 365 security capabilities that will help organizations to proactively manage risk and ward off threats. Read about them below.

Office 365 Secure Score:

Every organization’s ultimate goal is to keep their Office 365 setup the most secure. Based on various factors, IT Admins settle with certain Office 365 security configuration with the security features available to them. With the new Office 365 Secure Score, IT Admins can now understand their current Office 365 security configuration and shows them how implementing additional controls can further enhance their overall security setup.

Secure Score Summary displays their Secure Score and provides access to view their Score Analyzer. In Secure Score, the numerator is the sum of the points associated with security configurations that you have setup. The denominator is the sum of the points associated with all the security controls that are available to you through your Office 365 plan.

Office 365 Secure Score is now available to Office 365 commercial customers and who are in the multi-tenant and Office 365 U.S. Government Community clouds. Go to for more details.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence Private Preview:

Office 365 Threat Intelligence service makes use of the data from Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to provide actionable insights. This program is currently in preview and Microsoft is planning to make it generally available later this quarter.

It provides information about malware families inside and outside your organization, including breach information with details, like how much bitcoin the attackers typically request in ransomware attacks. Office 365 Threat Intelligence also integrates seamlessly with other Office 365 security features like Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection, so you’ll be able to see analysis, including the top targeted users, malware frequency and security recommendations related to your business.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence will be available to Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan customers.

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance Preview:

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance is a new service that will help customers find and retain the data that is most important to them. This service uses machine learning to offer policy recommendations, classify data based on automatic analysis of factors like the type of data, its age and the users who have interacted with it; and take action, such as preservation or deletion.

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance is also in preview and general availability is planned for this quarter.