Microsoft Announces OneNote Search API Powered By Bing, Sign Up For The Beta Today


18, 2014


Microsoft OneNote team today announced the availability of the OneNote Search API in Beta. OneNote team partnered with Bing team to integrate Bing search technology into OneNote and bring the power of full text search to the OneNote API.

It’s like having your own personal search engine for your private notes and memories in the cloud. And, because we are reusing the same search tech powering today, the OneNote search API has all the smarts you would expect from Bing such as: spelling forgiveness, stemming, relevance and ranking, word breaking, phrase search, etc. The search API works across notebooks so your app can find the right notes for the user no matter where they are stored. Under the covers, there is a personal index per user so searches are scoped to only the notebooks the user has access to.

You can sign-up for beta today. Find more details about it here.

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