Microsoft announces the new cloud console for the Azure portal



If you want to manage your cloud services, traditionally there are two user interfaces available, either a web-based graphical interface or a command line terminal interface. However, most users use both interfaces to manage their applications on cloud services. But switching between these interfaces requires switching between applications and a terminal interface may not even be available in some devices like mobile or a tablet.

To fix this problem, Microsoft yesterday announced the new Azure Cloud Console. The new Cloud Console allows users to build their applications on Azure using graphical and command line tools, even on devices where command line tools aren’t installed. The shell is integrated into the portal so users can quickly drop into a command line experience while simultaneously viewing their cloud resources in the graphical web interface.

The key features of this experience are:

  • Automatic authentication to the command line tools from your existing web login
  • All Azure command line tools, as well as relevant command line utilities pre-installed
  • Personalized, persistent workspace that preserves your code, configuration and activity across cloud shell sessions.

Read more about it here.

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