Microsoft announces new Bing Maps SDK for iOS, Android and Mixed-Reality apps

At Build 2019, Microsoft today made three new announcements related to Bing Maps platform for developers.

First, Microsoft is releasing a brand-new Bing Maps SDK for iOS and Android platforms that will allow developers to write mapping applications. This new SDK features new controls powered by a full-vector 3-D map engine with a number of standard mapping capabilities running with native performance.

Second, Microsoft announced a new a SDK for mixed-reality apps. With this new Bing Maps SDK, you can visualize a 3-D map in Unity. The map control handles streaming and rendering of 3-D terrain data with worldwide coverage, including select high-level detail of cities.

Third, Microsoft announced Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API which will help drivers, planners and dispatchers automate planning while optimizing their fleets, based on drivers’ shift schedules, service time windows, duration and priorities.

All these three Bing Maps releases are now available.