Microsoft announces general availability of Azure Functions

Azure Functions Preview

At Build earlier this year, Microsoft announced Azure Functions Preview, a serverless compute platform for building IoT solutions. Today, they announced the general availability of Azure Functions. They support the development of event driven solutions on a serverless architecture, enabling on demand scaling and developers pay only for the resources they consume. Functions support for both C# and JavaScript is generally available and F#, PowerShell, PHP, Python and Bash are in preview.

They now support creating, running, and debugging Functions locally on Windows, with the beta Azure Functions CLI. For JavaScript Functions on NodeJS, the CLI integrates with Visual Studio Code and sets up debug targets automatically. While the CLI currently only works on Windows, they are working on support on Mac and Linux. Microsoft will also release Visual Studio 2015 tooling support soon and it will allow developers to create and develop new Function Apps, debug them locally or remotely, and publish them to Azure.

Learn more about Azure Functions here.