Microsoft announces general availability of Azure Command-Line Interface (Azure CLI) 2.0

Back in September last year, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure Command-Line Interface (Azure CLI) 2.0. The Azure CLI 2.0 provides clean and pipe-able outputs for interacting with popular command-line tools, such as grep, cut, and jq. Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of the vm, acs, storage and network commands in Azure CLI 2.0.

Based on the feedback during the preview period, the number of Azure services supported in Azure CLI 2.0 has grown and they now support command modules for sql, documentdb, redis, and many other services on Azure. They have also added new features like the “–wait” and “–no-wait” capabilities that enable users to respond to external conditions or continue the script without waiting for a response.

Learn more about Azure CLI 2.0 here.