Microsoft Announces Free 750 Hours Of Windows Azure Computing



Windows Azure allows developers to use their existing .NET, Java and PHP skills todevelop, test and deploy compelling and innovative applications withoutworrying about the backend infrastructure and other operational constraints. As part of the on going cloud power campaign, Microsoft has announced new introductory offer for developers to try Windows Azure platform. Here is the offer details.


Sign-up now to get free access to Windows Azure platform resources including the following:

  • Compute:
    • 750 hours of an Extra Small Compute Instance
    • 25 hours of a Small Compute Instance
  • Storage:
    • 500MB
    • 10k Storage transactions
  • Data Transfers:
    • 500MB in / 500MB out
  • Relational Database:
    • 1G Web Edition SQL Azure database (for 90 days only)
  • AppFabric Access Control transactions:
    • 100k
  • AppFabric Service Bus connections:
  • 2

To see full details of the offer and to sign up, please click here. There are lots of similar offers on Azure platform, to see the list of all offers, visit the offers page.

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