Microsoft announces Clarity, a new analytics service that will offer insights about how customers use a website

Microsoft today announced Clarity, a new analytics service that will help you get insights about how customers use your website. This will help you in identifying areas of improvements and issues that you can address to increase engagement and conversion rate on your site. Clarity also allows you to replay users’ session to see how users really use a website.

Clarity team is working on the following features for future releases:

  • Interesting sessions are automatically bubbled up based on Clarity’s AI and machine learning capabilities to help web developers review user sessions with abnormal click or scroll behavior, session length, JavaScript errors and more. Web developers can spend less time and gain more insight into their users focusing on the sessions that Clarity marks as most relevant.
  • Related sessions are a grouping of similar sessions that are recommended based a single session. This feature allows web developers to quickly understand the scope of a specific user behavior and find other occurrences for the same user as well as other users.
  • Heatmaps provide a view into user behavior at an aggregate level through click/touch and scroll heatmaps. Click/touch heatmap provides distribution of user interactions across a webpage. Scroll heatmaps provide how far users scroll on your webpage.
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Currently, Clarity is in beta and you can try it out here.

Source: Bing