Microsoft Announces A New Plugin For IntelliJ And Android Studio To Connect With Azure And Office 365 Service

Azure Office 365 Android

Microsoft Open Technologies today announced the preview release of a plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio that enables developers of Android Apps to connect to Office 365 services and Azure Mobile Services, and developers of Java middleware to connect to Azure compute services.

The “MS Open Tech Tools plugin for Microsoft services,” available today as open source, was developed in close collaboration with our partners on the Office 365 and Azure engineering teams as well as members of the broader open source community. It builds on MS Open Tech’s long experience in providing open source developers with access to Microsoft services through the tools they already know and love, including the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse with Java and many other projects we have shipped over the last two years.

For Android app developers can use this plugin to develop Android apps with Office 365 and Azure Mobile Services. For middleware Java developers, the plugin provides an integrated environment to access Microsoft Azure compute services.

Read more about it here.