Microsoft announce the HoloLens 2

by Surur
February 24, 2019

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Today at Mobile World Congress 2019 Microsoft finally announced the successor to the 2015 HoloLens.

As expected, the device corrects many issues of the older version.  The biggest is the field of view, which is now much improved. It is now more than doubled, with 47 pixels per degree field of view due to a 2K MEMS display. The device now has a 52-degree field of view (up from 34 degrees), with much of the improvement in expanding the letterbox vertically.

It now also features eye tracking, which helps the device see where you are looking and aid immersions. The eye tracking also allows Windows Hello iris authentication and automatic sign-in.

Old gestures still work, but eye and hand tracking mean direct interaction is now possible.

Microsoft says the device is now more comfortable, with a universal fit system which works with glasses.

The front-enclosure is lighter due to being constructed with carbon fibre, and the centre of gravity is now over your spine. It has anodized aluminium cooling channels to cool the processor. Microsoft says it is now 3 times more comfortable, and can comfortably be used for up to 2 hours, with 3.5 hours of battery life. The eyepiece now also pops up for easy communication with others.

The device integrates with Azure and allows Remote Rendering and holograms with infinite detail. These can be available to both HoloLens devices and iOS and Android handsets using “spatial anchors”.

As expected the device has moved to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor, but despite this does not feature LTE or 5g connectivity.

The device will launch with a suite of solutions from Microsoft, but will still be a pricy $3500 and will only be sold to companies, not end users.

See the full tech specs here.

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