Microsoft announce GitHub Package Registry, a new package management service

by Surur
May 10, 2019

Microsoft today announced a new package management service for GitHub, GitHub Package Registry, designed to allow developers to publish public and private packages next to their source code.

GitHub Package Registry is compatible with npm, Maven, RubyGems, NuGet and Docker and would allow developers to find and publish their own packages, using the same GitHub interface they use for their code.  More languages and tools will be supported in the future.

“GitHub Package Registry is compatible with common package management clients, so you can publish packages with your choice of tools,” Simina Pasat, Director of Product Management at GitHub, explains in today’s announcement. “If your repository is more complex, you’ll be able to publish multiple packages of different types. And, with webhooks or with GitHub Actions, you can fully customize your publishing and post-publishing workflows.”

Other advantages include only needing to give employees a single set of credentials to manage both their code and packages and makes it easier to create a set of approved packages. Microsoft will also deliver download statistics and access to the entire history of the package on GitHub to developers.

Microsoft is launching the service in limited beta. Read more about it at Github here.


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