Microsoft and T-Mobile USA “quite pleased” with Windows Phone sales

imageSpeaking to Seattle Times Philipp Humm, T-Mobile US CEO, had some good things to say about the performance of Windows Phone handsets on their network.

The interview had the following questions about Windows Phone.

Q: T-Mobile made a commitment to push Windows Phone this year. How is that working out?

A: I think we have a very good relationship with Microsoft, and we discovered that, in particular, for customers who are new to smartphones, they really enjoy the simplicity of the Microsoft [user interface], so they like the design and the ease of it.

Q: Are Windows phones selling as well as you hoped?

A: We are so far quite pleased and I think Microsoft, if you talk to them, [is] quite pleased with T-Mobile.

While AT&T is the “premier” Windows Phone network it is in fact T-Mobile USA which is most in need of a flagship devices, given its lack of the iPhone. In the first few months of the year the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 were consistently the second best selling phone on the network, and the HTC Radar before this did not do too badly either.  It is therefore a pity since the HTC HD7 no high-end Windows Phones has been released on the network.

Hopefully both Microsoft and T-Mobile being pleased will translate into an even better selection of Windows Phone on that networks.