Microsoft and Getty Images announces new partnership, drops lawsuit


7, 2015


Back in 2014, Getty Images filled a lawsuit against Microsoft for “massive infringement” of copyrighted images with the new Bing Image Widget. For starters, Bing Image Widget enhances a website with the power of Bing Image Search and provides your users with beautiful, configurable image collages and slideshows from Getty Images.

Now, Getty Images has dropped the lawsuit against Microsoft and the companies are entering a new partnership to bring Getty Images’ to Bing, as well as Microsoft’s other products and services. Getty Image’ Senior Vice President of Business Development Craig Peters said:

“With our new partnership, Microsoft will use Getty Images’ latest API innovations and our award-winning visual content to take search experiences to a new level,” Getty Images Senior Vice President of Business Development Craig Peters said. “Our technology teams will work together to create beautiful, engaging applications and services for Microsoft users with licensed content and attribution for photographers and other content creators.”

Source: Getty Images

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