Microsoft acquires, a leading OKR (objectives and key results) company

October 7, 2021
Microsoft Ally

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Microsoft Ally

Microsoft today announced the acquisition of, a leading OKR (objectives and key results) company. Ally will become part of Microsoft Viva, Microsoft’s employee experience platform (EXP). already has 1,000 leading high-tech, manufacturing, financial services and healthcare businesses across more than 80 countries as its customers.

Here’s how Microsoft will integrate

  • Microsoft bring into the Microsoft cloud, evolve the existing integrations with Microsoft Teams, and weave into Viva, Office, Power BI and the broader set of Microsoft 365 apps and services.
  • Until then, current customers can continue to expect the same great support and service, and new customers can continue to purchase the existing service through
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“Our mission and focus on delighting customers remains the same, while our ability to scale that mission will increase dramatically as we become a key component of the Microsoft Viva platform. As a part of Viva, we’re excited to continue shaping the future of work, now with the power of the most important technology company in the business sector behind us,” wrote Vetri Vellore, Founder & CEO at

Source: Microsoft

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