Microsoft brings sources support for Windows 10 News app to the public

MSN News

Earlier this month, Microsoft pushed out an update to the Windows 10 news apps for Insiders. The app update added a new set of sources users could use to customise their news experience so they could get more tailored news to their interests.

Today, Microsoft has pushed out their update for all Windows 10 users after testing the app on Insider builds.

While selection of sources is a good thing for the Windows 10 News app, it’s still odd that Microsoft doesn’t have a capable Apple News competitor just yet despite starting

While the MSN News service has the makings of an Apple Music/Flipboard competitor, it isn’t remotely close to matching the experience.

In our experience, it is limited to native support of  just a few big name sites and displays  sites which don’t make the cut as a web wrapper, making for an inconsistent experience between stories.

Nevertheless, you can download the update from the store link below and tell us what you think in the comments below:

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