Microsoft Adds Handwriting Support In OneNote For iPad, And OCR Support Across All OneNote Apps


Microsoft today announced two big improvements for OneNote apps. First, they have added handwriting to OneNote for iPad. Second, they’ve added optical character recognition (OCR), which enables text search within all images that are added to notebooks saved on OneDrive. OCR works with any version of OneNote, from Windows Phone to Mac, even OneNote Online.

1) Handwriting:

OneNote Inking

  • To get started on iPad, just tap the new Draw tab on the ribbon. Select a pen, marker, or highlighter and write, sketch or doodle until your heart’s content.
  • OneNote for iPad reflects lessons we’ve learned over the years by from studying and understanding how people use pens. For example, when you look at the Draw tab, you might notice that color plays an important role. We have continually found that serious note-takers just love their colors. And not-so-serious note-takers like them too!
  • OneNote also gives you the benefit of an endless digital canvas. When you’re writing, you’ll never run out of space. OneNote automatically expands pages as you type or write so you always have more room for fresh ideas.
  • If you have a stylus, go ahead and just rest your hand on the screen as you write. OneNote for iPad detects your palm so that you can write without worrying. The best part? It works with any stylus whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. To set it up, just tap Palm Rejection on the ribbon and then tap the image that most closely resembles how you normally hold a pen.


OneNote OCR

  • With today’s update, text within any image inserted into a notebook saved on OneDrive will be searchable in OneNote on all PCs, phones and tablets, as well as OneNote Online. Once added, the OneNote service will process it and it will start showing up in search results typically within a few minutes.
  • OneNote recognizes printed text in many languages, and we’re continuously adding support for more. To try it out, just add a picture that contains text to any notebook saved on OneDrive. About five minutes later, you’ll be able to use OneNote to find the image using search. And OCR isn’t limited to iPhone and iPad—it works on any OneNote client, even OneNote Online!

Source: Office blogs