Microsoft adds Edge to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Roadmap site, pre-announced Edge Stable release dates

by Surur
July 23, 2020
Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft has started pushing out the new Edge to enterprise customers, which means companies have joined the 6-weekly release rollercoaster all Edge Stable users have been part of these last few months.

Enterprise IT admins, however, crave predictability, and to help them out Microsoft has added Edge to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Roadmap site, and pre-announced different Edge channel release dates for the Beta and Stable channel.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap portal lets you view upcoming Microsoft Edge enterprise features—you can filter by “Microsoft Edge” in the Products field, or by “Beta channel” and “Stable channel” in the Release Phase field.

The Microsoft Edge team plans to push public updates to the Beta and Stable channels every six weeks. The release schedule gives you the target release week for the major releases of Beta & Stable channels.

The next few releases look like this:

Version Release status Beta Channel
Release week
Stable Channel
Release week
85 Target release Week of 07-27-2020 Week of 08-27-2020
86 Target release Week of 09-07-2020 Week of 10-08-2020
87 Target release Week of 10-19-2020 Week of 11-19-2020
88 Target release Week of 12-07-2020 Week of 01-21-2021
89 Target release Week of 02-01-2021 Week of 03-04-2021

The Microsoft Edge roadmap entries can be found here, and the release schedule can be found here.

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