Microsoft adds dual-screen emulation to Chromium

by Surur
May 10, 2020
surface duo

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Microsoft is still launching their Surface Duo dual-screen Android handset later this year, and ideally, they want developers to support the form factor.

This includes web developers, and to help them optimise their websites for dual-screens Microsoft is adding dual-screen support to the built-in F12 emulator in Chromium.

Microsoft, of course, is not the only one making a folding phone, and the emulator supports both the Surface Duo and the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The emulator, therefore, supports both hinged and non-hinged devices, with the option of showing a bezel for the hinged devices.

In total the emulator will support:

  1. Two devices are added. Surface Duo and Galaxy Fold
  2. Device orientation spec is extended to include dual-screen mode: horizontal spanned and vertical spanned.
  3. Device may have a hinge in dual screen mode, which is shown if provided.
  4. Emulation bar has an extra button to span: extending the device view from single screen to dual screen. New icons are added.
  5. Rotation and other emulation related functions work fine with the presence of a hinge.

It should be available soon under an experimental flag.

Via WindowsLatest

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