Adaptive and Microsoft announce groundbreaking database to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine development


11, 2020

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Developing an effective vaccine for coronavirus (COVID-19) is the need of the hour. Medical research communities in several countries around the world are developing and testing vaccine for coronavirus. In order to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccine research, Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies announced the expansion of their partnership in March this year. As part of this expanded partnership, Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies announced ImmuneCODE today.

ImmuneCODE is an open database that has one of the largest, most detailed views of the immune response to COVID-19 in real time based on de-identified data generated from thousands of COVID-19 blood samples from patients around the globe. This data will accelerate the development of better diagnostics, COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutics and answer important questions about the COVID-19 virus.

“Adaptive Biotechnologies’ sequencing of T-cells sets up an extremely large but manageable machine learning problem, and thus makes it possible, for the first time, to catalog and share how our adaptive immune system responds to viruses, including the novel virus that causes COVID-19,” said Peter Lee, corporate vice president, Microsoft Research and Incubation. “Making these data freely available to the global research community through the ImmuneCODE database will deepen our collective understanding of the human immune response and thereby help researchers accelerate the development of news drugs and vaccines in the fight against this global health crisis.”

You can learn more about this partnership from the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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