Microsoft Acquires Mobile Push Analytics Provider Capptain

Microsoft Capptain

Microsoft today announced that they are acquiring mobile push analytics provider Capptain. The Capptain solution is a Response Marketing tool that allows Marketers and CRMers of Mobile and Web apps to engage their users and enter a constant customer interaction by Analyzing in details their users behavior, finely Segment their users based on how they interact with the application, and respond by Pushing very targeted messages, announcements, information or offers. Microsoft is trying to bundle Capptain’s solution with the wider Microsoft Azure suite of services.

Capptain will bring a vital new element to our end-to-end story for mobile app development – real-time user and push analytics.  With Capptain’s solution, organizations can analyze customer and employee behavior in real-time, and respond by pushing targeted messages, announcements, information or offers.  This information empowers organizations to provide personalized, specific content to their customers in order to maximize business opportunities.

We are hard at work integrating Capptain’s solution with the wider Microsoft Azure suite of services so that enterprises can not only build mobile apps to engage customers and employees, but also analyze and optimize that engagement. In the interim, Capptain’s existing solutions will remain available to both new and current customers.

Mobility, powered by the cloud, is how people are being more productive, more connected and more inspired every day.  We are excited to welcome the Capptain team to Microsoft, and to Azure, to help us advance that future for all our customers.

Source: Microsoft