Microsoft acquires Metanautix, to integrate its technology into the Cortana Analytics Suite


18, 2015

Microsoft today announced the company is acquiring Metanautix, a big-data analytics firm. Metanautix allows users to combine any data as a table, no matter what the type, size or location of an organization’s data. Joseph Sirosh, the Corporate Vice President of the Data Group at Microsoft stated:

Today I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft has acquired Metanautix, an innovative company that is helping solve one of the biggest challenges in the world of data analytics: How can a company bring all of its data together for analytics to gain powerful insights, discover new opportunities and drive growth through intelligent automation?

Companies continue to generate enormous volumes of information and aspire to be more data-driven in their strategies and operations. But many struggle to bring together their various sources and siloes of data, and only analyze and use a fraction of all the available information. Metanautix’ technology breaks these boundaries to connect the “data supply chain,” no matter what the type, size or location of an organization’s data.

In another blog post, Metanautix’s Co-founder and CEO, Theo Vassilakis stated:

I am excited to announce that Metanautix has been acquired by Microsoft! It’s been a thrilling ride, but before we begin the next exciting chapter I’d like to take a moment to thank our amazing team who has made all of this possible, including our customers and partners who helped us shape the product, our investors who got it all started and who stood by us, and the many other folks who contributed along the way.

Microsoft didn’t disclose the price for its latest acquisition. However, the company states it will be bringing Metanautix’s technologies to the Microsoft data platform by integrating Metanautix’s technologies into the Cortana Analytics Suite and SQL Server.

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