Microsoft acquires jClarity to increase performance of Java workloads on Azure


19, 2019

Microsoft today announced the acquisition of jClarity, the leading contributor to the AdoptOpenJDK project. Microsoft will be taking advantage of jClarity’s expertise in Java, OpenJDK and performance tuning and apply that to improve performance of Java workloads on Azure. Customers like Adobe, Daimler, and Société Générale use Java on Azure. jClarity will also be supporting other services such as Azure HDInsights and Microsoft affiliated organizations such as Minecraft.

“The jClarity team will continue to work out in the open in various Java communities. With Microsoft’s support, we anticipate being able to contribute back in new and exciting ways.
We look forward to working with Microsoft Azure engineers to make Azure a better platform for Microsoft’s Java customers, developers and end-users,” said Martijn, former CEO of jClarity.
After the acquisition, Martijn is now the Principal Engineering Group Manager of Java at Microsoft.

“The jClarity team are JVM experts who have helped their customers optimize their Java applications while also providing leadership and support within the Java open source community. For us, this is the perfect match. The relationship with this team is not new: since June 2018, Microsoft has sponsored the AdoptOpenJDK project to help build binaries of OpenJDK for different platforms, including Linux and Windows,” wrote John Montgomery, Corporate Vice President of Program Management for Developer Tools and Services at Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft, jClarity

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