Microsoft acquires DataSense, a best-in-class data integration platform for education market

February 4, 2019

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired DataSense, a best-in-class data integration platform for education market from BrightBytes. DataSense already integrates secure data for millions of learners across hundreds of school districts daily. In addition, the BrightBytes data management team will also join Microsoft’s global education team.

“With the integration of DataSense into Microsoft’s suite of products, we will help educational institutions – and school and district IT leaders in particular – better collect, manage and explicitly control access to their data within Azure to help drive the best possible learning outcomes for their students,” said Steve Liffick, General Manager of Education Strategy and Platforms at Microsoft.

In the coming months, Microsoft will integrate DataSense technology into its products for schools, offering a single, more secure, Microsoft-based service that will enable powerful data analytics for schools.

BrightBytes’ vision to use data to improve the way the world learns can only be achieved when educators have access to high-quality, communicable data. Efficient, wide-spread data integration lies at the core of BrightBytes’ analytics work, and Microsoft can make this a reality for all schools much more quickly. BrightBytes CEO, Traci Burgess, explains, “We are excited about the global acceleration this sale provides to our mission. Schools around the world will benefit greatly from capabilities across data integration, interoperability, and provisioning.”

Source: Microsoft, BrightBytes

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