Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing, a leader in cloud computing orchestration software


15, 2017

Microsoft today announced that they are acquiring Cycle Computing, a leader in cloud computing orchestration software for Big Compute and Big Data. Cycle Computing makes it easier for customers to use High-Performance Computing (HPC) and other Big Computing capabilities in the cloud.

Cycle Computing technology leverages cloud resources to make computation in the cloud productive at any scale, by orchestrating workflows, managing data, balancing cloud options, and enabling users in a secure, controlled way. In addition to Microsoft Azure, it also works with other public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

“We’ve already seen explosive growth on Azure in the areas of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and deep learning. As customers continue to look for faster, more efficient ways to run their workloads, Cycle Computing’s depth and expertise around massively scalable applications make them a great fit to join our Microsoft team. Their technology will further enhance our support of Linux HPC workloads and make it easier to extend on-premise workloads to the cloud,” wrote Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure.

You can read Cycle Computing CEO’s thoughts on this acquisition here.

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