Microsoft accounted for 14% of the tablet market according to Strategy Analytics

June 10, 2016

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According to Strategy Analytics, Microsoft’s Windows OS took 14% of OS shipment share for 2016 Q1, behind Apple’s 22% and Android’s 64%. White Box vendors combined to ship a total of 13.3 million tablets valued at $750 million, however, Microsoft’s 1.1 million tablet shipments fetched $950 million due to higher priced tablets. Android Tablets represented 64% of tablet shipments but earned only a 41% share of revenue, whereas Apple took 39% of tablet revenues in Q1 2016.

In terms of OEM share, Microsoft took the #3 spot with 8%, ahead of white box 7%, but behind Samsung and Apple’s 16% and 39% respectively.

Peter King, Service Director, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service said, “Microsoft deserves credit for popularizing the Pro Slate category, typified by a premium tablet with PC-grade processing power, with an optional keyboard to further add to revenues and profit. Combined with the success of Windows 10, many more OEM partners are launching Surface clones at lower price points to get a share of this lucrative, growing segment. Though it didn’t gain first mover status, Apple now has two tiers of Pro Slates to join in the cannibalization of the PC and Tablet markets, to the betterment of iPad ASPs (average selling prices).”

Source: Strategy Analytics (PRNewsFoto/Strategy Analytics)
Source: Strategy Analytics (PRNewsFoto/Strategy Analytics)

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