Microsoft: 5 Things Chromebooks Can’t Do, But Windows Laptops Can


15, 2015

Chromebooks Windows

At WPC keynote today, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner today discussed about how Microsoft competes with Google Chromebooks. His slide had 5 things a Windows 10 device can do that a Chromebook can’t.

  • Run both desktop and web apps.
  • widest range of hardware options
  • work well with limited bandwidth
  • built-in two factor authentication
  • connect to a wide variety of peripherals.

Simple put,

A Chromebook is for surfing the web and using web apps.

A Windows laptop is for surfing the web and using web apps. And getting things done with Microsoft Office, connecting to workplace networks, using rich tools to edit your photos and videos online and offline, calling your friend in Paris with Skype, saving your resume to either OneDrive or your desktop, downloading Angry Birds from theWindows Store, using both the Start screen and the familiar Windows desktop, organizing your files on your laptop for easy access even when you’re offline, printing and connecting the peripherals that you already like, playing Halo, working both online and offline, using iTunes and Photoshop, and countless other things you get only with a full-powered PC.

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