Microsoft 365 users can now access Clipchamp’s Premium filters, effects

September 27, 2022

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Microsoft 365 subscribers can now enjoy the premium filters and effects of movie editor Clipchamp. The announcement came after the rollout of the Version 22H2 update, which brings the app to the machines of Windows 11 users.

The injection of the app into the latest version of Windows 11 seemed unnecessary at first, given that users can simply get it at the Microsoft Store anytime. However, looking back at the company’s 2021 plan to integrate it into Office and Microsoft 365 makes the action more logical. As it appears, Microsoft wants to make the best out of the app after it bought it in 2021 by pushing it to its users and making it readily available for them. And to make its arrival more pleasing for Microsoft 365 users, the company said that the premium access to the filters and effects of the app will be automatically unlocked for them. With this, the said subscribers can use all the 57 filters available in Clipchamp’s library, such as Warm Countryside, Dreamscape, Soft B&W, Winter Sunset, Cool Tone, and Sunrise.

Currently, Microsoft offers two plans under the app: Free and Essentials. They replaced the former four-tier subscription the app used to offer, namely Free, Creator, Business, and Business Platinum. Those offers ranged from $0 to $40 a month, but Microsoft’s change in pricing reduced the maximum subscription payment to just $12 monthly. Additionally, the tech giant made the Free plan more useful by bumping up its former 720P export resolution to 1080P. Free subscribers can also enjoy free audio, image, video stock, filter, effects, and unlimited watermark-free exports.

Microsoft’s decision to make the premium effects and filters free for 365 users also seems to be a move to attract more Windows users to patronizing its Essentials plan, which, aside from premium filters and effects, additionally offers a brand kit for managing logos and colors, content backup capability, and premium audio, image, and video stock. And if Microsoft is truly serious about its intention to make Clipchamp more familiar and a usual movie editor for its users, we should expect more surprises from the company, like new features or possibly more premium access in the future, not just for Microsoft 365 subscribers but also for regular Windows users.

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