Microsoft announces $35 million worth Azure credits and Windows benefits for nonprofits

April 14, 2020
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Back in 2015, Microsoft launched Microsoft Philanthropies, a new organization that focuses on empowering people who don’t have access to the latest technology. To combat COVID-19, Microsoft today announced that it will offer $35 million worth Microsoft Azure credits, Windows benefits and new pro bono services to help critical care and first response nonprofits. Find the details about Microsoft’s commitment below:  


  • This offer is prioritized for critical care and first response nonprofits, limited to: health support, human services, public safety, food and nutrition, housing support and COVID-19 research organizations. It is active between now and June 30, 2020, for eligible nonprofits. 


  • Double the Azure credit for specified nonprofits from $3,500 to $7,000 to be used within 12 months
  • To support Window Virtual Desktop scenarios we are making 100 licenses of Windows Upgrade available through our TechSoup donation offer and coupling that with a Windows Enterprise E3 trial for up to 100 seats for six months.? This will provide the base operating system licenses to take advantage of all the Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities for mid-size organizations
  • To help organizations rapidly deploy we are setting up three new remote services free of charge:
    • Azure Onboarding Concierge: To help organizations set up their Azure credit subscription, understand administrator roles, cost management and governance best practices
    • Windows Virtual Desktop Help Desk: To support organizations with technical questions during their deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop, and will engage organizations with a?partner or FastTrack for longterm extended support to ensure an efficient and effective deployment
    • Microsoft Community Training (MCT) Concierge: Microsoft Community Training supports personalized learning for a large-scale mobile-based community. This service provides an overview of available content and assists with configuration and deployment

You can learn more about this announcement from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

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