Microsft Launcher v5.11 is now rolling out to beta users, here is what’s new

by Rahul
November 20, 2019

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After releasing Microsoft Launcher v5.10 to all users with a number of new features, Microsoft has released Version 5.11 to beta users of the app. The update brings two noteworthy new features alongside bug fixes and performance improvements.

Talking about new features, app folders now respect the theme default theme on Microsoft Launcher, meaning if the dark theme is the default theme in, the app folder will now appear dark in the launcher. Moreover, you’ll be able to hide any app in the app drawer.

Aside from these new features, Microsoft Launcher 5.11 brings bug fixes and performance improvements to beta users.

  • Folders with adaptive theme  – The folders and the list of all apps adapt to the theme set on Microsoft Launcher.
  • New apps can now be hidden in the app drawer.
  • Correction of general bugs and improved performance of the opening of the app menu.

You can download Microsoft Launcher from this link, or head over to Google Play store.

via WBI

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