Metro Lockscreen App

With the growing popularity of Windows Phones 7 Series, we are seeing many rendering of this new OS imagepop up in different forms, and this one is a lock screen. This new lock screen does not mimic the slide down function of the WP7S lock screen, but it gives it a WP7S look with a slider similar to the current 6.5 lock screen. The lock screen also features a clock, date, calendar appointments. 

What’s new/different compared to the other lockscreen?
1. hardcoded background picture
2. left aligned text matching the Metro guidelines by Microsoft
3. new font "Zegoe" Light and Regular (will be installed with the CAB) matching the Metro design

A word about requests:
I had many requests via PM for changing alignment/site/whatever of the text. I don’t have the time to do this. But what you can do: post your background picture you want to see within this lockscreen. I’ll change that just for you  Hint: make a screenshot of your device showing the lockscreen and work with Photoshop or similar "over" the layout so your new background doesn’t "interfere" with the text layout.

What should I do if I find an error?
Just post your screenie and I’ll see what I can do

Update 6.4.2010: as requested the lockscreen without background.
New versions online with all notification icons skinned in "Metro-Style"

This lock application can be acquired over at XDA

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