Meet Meta Vision, a Competition to Microsoft’s HoloLens


17, 2016


The HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headset has a new competition. It’s called the Meta Vision, and its first images  have surfaced on the Web, courtesy of Robert Scoble.

Meron Gribetz, the creator of the Meta Vision appeared on TED conference to demo his new product. The video of the demonstration, however, won’t be available to general public till March 2.

Scoble says he is thrilled about the Meta Vision, adding that he believes VR/AR is the most important new category since the original Macintosh. He added that Meta Vision has advantages over Microsoft’s HoloLens, though he refused to specify what these advantages are at this point. Gribetz hasn’t yet disclosed the price of the Meta Vision or when it will become available.


Over on its website, Meta Vision has a teaser video in which it documents reactions of many celebrities including Will.i.Am after they first tried the product. Spoiler alert: everyone in the video has pleasing things to say about it.

From what we can summarize, the Meta Vision, much like the HoloLens offers users with the ability to visualise three-dimensional objects and also manipulate with them.

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Microsoft also has a talk scheduled for tomorrow, where Alex Kipman, creator of Kinect, HoloLens is expected to publicly demonstrate some exciting features of HoloLens, and how it is trying to education, health and other industries. To recall, Nasa recently shared how it was using Microsoft’s HoloLens to allow its scientists to “walk on Mars without leaving their office.”

Competition in the augmented reality or virtual reality space, which are still in the nascent phase, will only have benefit to the users as well as the companies. Knowing somebody else too is working in this largely untapped technology space will push companies to drive innovation, and help these devices become available to public sooner.

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