Meta announces new ways for finding and managing certain settings in Accounts Center

January 20, 2023
Meta accounts center

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Meta has announced improvements to its Accounts Center tool to help you find and manage certain settings across multiple apps. The updated Accounts Center will now be the place where you will find things like Personal details, Passwords and security, and Ad preferences for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Meta’s Accounts Center not only makes it easier for people to manage settings across multiple apps but also easily makes your ad topic preferences consistent for Facebook and Instagram accounts. And in order to help you with that, you will need to add your Facebook and Instagram accounts to the same Accounts Center.

Moreover, Meta has also announced some improvements to the ad settings controls to help people understand and manage their ads experience across multiple apps and technologies. Meta has explained the new ad setting controls in detail, as you can see below.

First, we’re updating our Data about your activity from Partners’ control, which is now called Activity information from ad partners to help people easily understand how their activity sent from other websites and apps is used to power the ads they see. Second, we’re making it easier for people to understand their options when it comes to seeing ads shown by Meta on other apps and websites. Finally, we know people want more control over the ads they see, which is why we’re exploring new ways to give people the ability to see more ads about the things that interest them, in addition to the existing option of seeing fewer ads about things that don’t interest them.

Meta has said that the changes will begin to go into effect today. However, the changes will come to everyone on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in a phased manner in the coming months.

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