MegaTile for Mango – create start tile mosaics from your pictures

MegaTile allows you to use a picture to create a mosaic of multiple action tiles on your Start screen.

After choosing the size and shape the MegaTile you can select a picture from any of your albums (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc) or camera roll.

The application creates a MegaTile by dividing your picture into a number of action tiles that will be displayed on your Start Screen. Actions, such as phone calls, email, texting, web searching and browsing, can be assigned to each tile.

    • Create and Manage your Library of MegaTiles
      • Choose pictures from your albums or camera roll (including photos from your phone, social networking profile, Zune images etc)
    • Create MegaTiles of Different Sizes
      • Supports creation of MegaTile sizes at 1 x 2, 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 individual tiles
    • Assign Actions to Each Individual Tile
      • Tasks include: open MegaTile, make a call, compose a SMS, take a photo, post a status update Social Network, launch a browser at a URL, search for a specific term
    • Pin the Action Tiles to the Start Screen
      • Shows the start screen to allow verification of tile positions
    • Status Indicators Within MegaTile Manager
      • Icons indicate if the tiles are up to date

Free trial mode is limited to creation of 2 x 2 MegaTiles and restricted action selection. Full application is USD $0.99 or equivalent.

Full Details and Download Here