Microsoft rejuvenates Meeting Details in OneNote. It’ll be packed with AI features

November 8, 2023

Meeting Details in OneNote is about to get rejuvenated. Microsoft announces that a few improvements are underway — some are packed with AI features that help you catch up with the meetings flawlessly.

In this update, Microsoft says that it won’t move the Meeting Details from the older location in the ribbon, but it now boasts a better meeting selection experience. As you can see, the new Meeting Details are now stacked, and you can also sort them out based on the dates.

thumbnail image 1 captioned An image showing the initial release of the updated Meeting Details content with the side pane meeting experience.

Microsoft promises that this is just “the first of a series that we are planning to roll out.” Not too long ago, the Redmond-based tech giant was also working to bring AI-generated notes and tasks for paid Premium users, the integration of Microsoft Loop, and better collapsible sections within the app.

Microsoft OneNote usually comes pre-installed, but it’s not the case on your device, you can still download it on the Microsoft Store.

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