You can now co-edit meeting notes during Microsoft Teams Meetings

August 2, 2023
Microsoft Teams Meetings Notes Microsoft 365

Recently, Microsoft added a super useful feature to Teams Meetings. In general, during Teams call, someone in the call will prepare the meeting notes and share it with others. Through the power of Microsoft Loop components, Microsoft is bringing collaborative Meeting Notes feature in Microsoft Teams. With this new feature, you can co-edit notes, create agendas, take notes, and generate action items during the Teams call. You can check out the video demo below.

The new Meeting Notes feature can be accessed right inside a chat message in Microsoft Teams. Since this experience is powered by Loop component, everyone will be updated in real time and the content will be synchronized across all devices. If you assign tasks using this new Meeting notes experience, the tasks will be automatically synchronized with To Do and Planner.

Here’s how you can access the new Meetings Notes feature in Teams:

  • Join a Teams Meeting.
  • Click the Notes button in the toolbar.
  • In the Meeting notes pane, you can create an agenda in real time, take notes and track tasks.

This fall, Microsoft will allow you to incorporate your Collaborative meeting notes into your OneNote notebooks for further editing.

This new collaborative meeting notes feature is available to users with Teams Public Preview and Windows, macOS or web (Edge, Chrome) Teams client.

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