Meet Samsung Ballie, a small robotic companion that understands you

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During its CES 2020 keynote, Samsung revealed its vision of robots as ‘life companions’. For the first time, Samsung announced Ballie, a small, rolling companion robot. Samsung Ballie can understand you, support you in everyday tasks and even react based on your needs. Ballie has several on-device capabilities that can make it a fitness assistant and several others.

Samsung even demoed the capabilities of Ballie to the keynote audience. Samsung Ballie can help users exercise, manage their smart devices, record special moments and more. When you are moving around in your home, you can ask Ballie to follow you. Since Ballie will be around people all the time, it meets stringent data protection and privacy standards. Check out the video embedded above to know how Ballie can help you in real life scenarios.

For now, Samsung Ballie is a concept product. But you can expect robotic companions like Ballie to be available for purchase in the coming years.