Crystal Dynamics’ next-gen update for Marvel’s Avengers has two graphics modes on PlayStation 5 but no graphics modes on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. 

Announced through two infographics posted on Twitter, Crystal Dynamics unveiled the improvements that players can look forward to when the next-gen Marvel’s Avengers patch launches on March 18th.

Improved framerate over last-gen, improved armour destruction, stochastic screen-space reflections, contact-aware sharpening, higher resolution transparencies, better ambient occlusion are all coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Series X and PS5 will also get access to higher resolution textures.

Curiously, Xbox Series X runs at a locked Native 4K whilst Xbox Series S runs at a locked 1440p, but PS5 has two different modes to pick from: Native 4K or checkerboarded 4K at 60fps.

With the original Xbox One X version of Marvel’s Avengers having the ability to unlock the framerate already, it is possible that both next-gen Xbox consoles will have the option to play up to 60fps. However, nothing is confirmed.

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