Many of Windows 11’s pre-installed apps wont actually be pre-installed



Like many operating systems, Windows 11 will come with several apps pre-installed, including notorious one such as Candy Crush Saga, and useful ones such as Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft has made performance optimization one of their goals on Windows 11 however, and they are switching to a new strategy for bundled apps with the OS update.

Many of the apps will exist only as shortcuts on the start menu, and when you click on a so-called stub, you will see a splash screen while the rest of the app is downloaded from the Store.

Microsoft says this does not only save on disk storage, but also means fewer apps are updated each time apps are updated by the Store.

“This reduces size on disk, and you’ll also see less background update activity and download traffic,” Microsoft officials said.

Microsoft is also making ethernet and WIFI drivers FODs (features on demand), again significantly reducing storage usage.

Microsoft launched Windows 11 on the 5th October and we can expect the first devices running the OS to hit the market soon.

via WindowsLatest

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