Mango’s smooth scrolling in third party apps compared to NoDo

One of the great new things in Mango is the improved scrolling in third party apps. In the video above, we compare the scrolling in easyTube and Flixster, using a T-Mobile HD7 on the Mango Beta 2 and another T-Mobile HD7 running the official NoDo release.

Scrolling is clearly much smoother in Mango, and it’s almost as smooth as first-party apps like the People hub. Scrolling also seems to react to your touch a lot faster with Mango, and it is hardly ever choppy like NoDo. However, if you were wondering, the Facebook app is still pretty choppy and painful to scroll through…. that thing is a total mess. But any decently written application should see major improvements in scrolling!

And on the topic of games in Mango loading faster… we are currently researching the load speeds with a large sample of games and will publish the results soon. So far, after trying about 5 different games, there is absolutely no speed difference. If there actually are any speed improvements, it seems to be isolated to a few specific games. Maybe that’s why faster load speeds isn’t a feature of Mango.

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