Magic Leap release SDK and Creators Portal


19, 2018

After finally revealing their device last year, Magic Leap has now released a Preview version of the SDK for their mixed reality headset.

The software, which is accompanied by a Creators Portal which includes tutorials, resources and simulators and more, will let developers start creating content for the headset in preparation for its release later this year.

Magic Leap also released Technical Preview builds of Unreal Engine 4 or Unity, which should make it easy for developers to port content already created for other platforms.

The Magic Leap One headset is powered by Digital Lightfield technology and supports environment mapping, precision tracking and soundfield audio to produce amazing Mixed Reality experiences. The key difference when compared to HoloLens headset is that Magic Leap’s headset doesn’t pack the computing power it needs in itself. Instead, users have to carry a lightweight pack that has the engine that drives its spatial computing platform. Like Windows Mixed Reality Controllers, Magic Leap One will also support a special controller that supports force control and haptic feedback for a fluid, sensory experience.

There will be multiple versions of the headset – with the entry-level version hitting the lowest price point of around $1000, a mid-range Creators Edition which will be available later this year, and an expensive high-end version which will cost as much as a high-end PC.  The Creators Edition for developers will be somewhere in the middle, we assume costing between $1500 and $2000, which would still be significantly cheaper than the $3000 HoloLens. The Entry-level cheap version will also not be a version available from the start but only arrive later, while the high-end version is slated for 2019. Magic Leap is hoping their solution will replace your smartphone, PC and TV.

Interested developers can read more at Magic Leap here.

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