Last week, Apple released the Stable version of the macOS Monterey. However, it appears that Apple has spent less time than it should in finding and fixing all the issues in the OS. According to a report published by Macrumors, the latest macOS Monterey update is hit by a bug called “memory leak,” as a result of which apps are consuming RAM much higher than normal.

The report states that the bug has hit a wide range of Mac computers, including the recently-released 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros. Those who’re affected by the bug are receiving a pop-up that says that the system has “run out of application memory.”

YouTuber Gregory McFadden has shared a screenshot of Apple’s Control Center taking up to 20GB of RAM. Users on Apple Support Communities and different social media platforms are sharing similar stories. A Twitter user has posted a screenshot of Mozilla Firefox is taking up as high as 80GB of RAM.

The memory leak is not the only bug plaguing macOS Monterey. A number of users reported that their Macs didn’t turn on after installing the the latest Monterey update. This issue too isn’t specific to a particular model. Whats’s even worse is that, there appears to be no workaround available to fix these issues.It’s also worth noting that Apple hasn’t acknowledged these issues yet.

Given the fact that these issues seem to be quite widespread, you should wait for Apple to fix them before installing the new update.

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