Lumos – a complete replacement for HTC’s auto backlight app



Lumos is fully customizable auto-backlight changer developed as a complete replacement for HTC’s built-in auto backlight service in newest HTC devices and supports the HTC Raphael, Diamond and Blackstone. It focuses on minimal CPU usage (0.05-0.2%), maximum battery saving, low memory footprint and maximum backlight change smoothness and responsiveness. You need to disable built-in auto-backlight or the application wont work.

– simple and clean installation and uninstalation
– extremely low CPU usage when working, 0.05-0.2% on polling
– 0.00% CPU usage when display dims and in standby
– low memory usage considering all the options, 395.53KB in v08
– no battery drainage overhead if you don’t use your phone
– simple and reliable configuration GUI with calibration process
– many options that let you change every aspect of how your backlight works
– program exceptions to set different backlight for any application
– integrated tool to detect all active application names, leave it running on the background and it will log all application names you use
– configuration failsafe. No matter what you do, Lumos won’t crash, just tell you what is wrong and use defaults.

Download the application from this XDA-Developers thread here.

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