“Lumia 850” revealed to be the Lumia 650 XL, disappointment (new photos from china)


6, 2016

lumia 650 xl

It seems the “Lumia 850” has been cancelled after all, and replaced by another mediocre Windows phone.

Latest photos from China has revealed real life images of the Lumia 650 XL, which is a Windows 10 Mobile handset which is extremely pretty from the outside and rather ugly from the inside.

lumia 650 xl 2

The photos reveal that the handset has the Snapdragon 8909 processor aka Snapdragon 210, same as the Lumia 650.

In addition the handset has the same 720P screen, stretched to 5.4 inches.

lumia 650 xl 3

In addition what was hoped to be an Iris scanner is now confirmed to be a front-facing flash as originally rumoured.

lumia 650 xl 4 lumia 650 xl 5

The handset remains extremely attractive, but given how heavy Windows 10 Mobile is there is a very low likelihood it will perform well, and this means there will continue to be a massive mid-range sized hole in Microsoft Mobile’s Windows 10 Mobile line-up.

Thankfully however numerous 3rd party OEMs seems ready to fill that gap, which means now might just be the right time for us to really explore what’s available beyond Microsoft’s own line up.

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