LucidSound LS50X review: The Ultimate Xbox headset proves its worth

March 2, 2021
LucidSound LS50X

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At a not-so-modest price of $250, the LucidSound LS50X headset is pushed as the “ultimate headset for Xbox” players. Despite a few bizarre awkward mechanics, it’s a headset that mostly delivers.

The LucidSound LS50X Headset is a hybrid gaming headset that offers wired and wireless options across a variety of devices. Designed for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, these premium headphones offer a fantastic audio experience with near-perfect comfort that can enhance your online gaming experience.

Opening the headset’s packaging immediately gives you the feel of a premium device, as it should considering its price point. Inside the box is the device’s included hardcase, a strong, well structured protective item that safely houses the headphones, aux cable, USB-C charging cable and a USB dongle for use with an Xbox console.

The headphones themselves feel fantastic. A durable brushed metal frame gives the whole device great structural integrity while still having a generous degree of cup swivel on its retractable headband. For comfort, each cup is housed with an easily replaceable fake leather cushion that feels fantastic on the ears; a pleather diamond-pattern headband has the same effect on the top of the head. On top of it all, the headset is also very friendly to glasses wearers. Not once did I feel my glasses shifting from wearing the headphones.

Setting up the headphones to use on Xbox consoles is as simple as it comes. You plug in the dongle, turn on the headset and you’re instantly good to go! If the headset is fully charged, you’ll now have 20 hours of easily accessible Xbox headset time.

What’s even more impressive is how much use you can get out of the LucidSound LS50X. On top of its wireless Xbox mode, the headset also includes traditional Bluetooth connectivity for use with PC, smartphones or even other consoles like the PlayStation 4/5 as well as aux connectivity for use decades into the future.

That multifaceted design is impressive enough, but the Xbox and Bluetooth modes can bizarrely be combined to mix your friends’ constant chattering with music to keep you sane. It’s initially confusing but very satisfying once you get your head around it. Now I can easily drown out arguments with Carly Rae Jepsen.

In truth, the only negative experience with the LucidSound LS50X comes from some awkward controls that usually end up plaguing otherwise fantastic wireless headphones. Only usable when the headphones are in a wireless mode, each ear cup has a spinning control wheel. One wheel increases and decreases volume; the other wheel changes tracks. In Xbox mode, the tracks wheel changes the chat mix.

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While the headphones are designed for use with an Xbox console, I ended up mostly using the device as normal everyday headphones, going so far as to wear the device to listen to music whilst reading in bed. As a side-sleeper – much to the dismay of my scrawny turkey neck – I would constantly end up clicking in the side buttons, pausing tracks or turning on the mic monitor, an activity that also interrupts your music.

Despite these very specific control issues, LucidSound has created a fantastic Xbox headset that isn’t as locked into the Xbox ecosystem as the branded packaging suggests. It’s a set of headphones that can and should be used for everything. On top of great sound, there’s also fantastic levels of comfort for extended use. If you can spare the cash, they’re worth picking up.

MSPoweruser was provided this review sample by a PR representative for LucidSound.

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