Edge had a useful “Set Aside Tabs” feature (which was later replaced by Edge Collections) which lets you save a collection of open tabs and recall them later, useful when for example you are doing research on a project or holiday, but do not want to clutter up all your favourites with transient links.

Till now the Google Chrome browser has not had an equivalent feature, but it looks like that is about to change, going by a new Chromium commit.

The commit by a Google software engineer reads: “Add flag for Read Later feature” and the actual flag has the following description:

As noted, the Read Later feature would “allow users to save tabs for later.”  The feature would also require a new menu in addition to the new (presumably toolbar) button and appeared to be aimed at the desktop Chrome browser.

The flag is currently not active, but this will be a feature we keep a close eye on as it moves through the system.

Thanks, Leo Varela for the tip.