Longtime Microsoft Research Executive Kevin Schofield Moves On To New Role At Microsoft

Kevin Schofield Microsoft Research

Longtime Microsoft Research executive Kevin Schofield has announced that he is moving away from MSR to some other new role at Microsoft.  Kevin Schofield is currently General Manager and Chief Operations Officer for Microsoft Research, he joined Microsoft in 1988, and has worked in Microsoft Research since 1997. His organization drives consensus on technical strategy and priorities for Microsoft’s research efforts, and coordinates business affairs and operations for the division. He is also responsible for developing Microsoft Research’s relationships with customers, press, analysts, and Microsoft’s own product groups.

Geekwire reported about his change in job this morning as Kevin updated his Facebook profile as follows,

“I love MSR and the direction it’s going in, and part of me is sad to be leaving, but I’d also been there a long, long time and it’s probably good for me to exercise some different muscles. … I’m good, MSR is good, we’re all good, and I’m looking forward to what comes next.”

We wish him good luck for his new job!

Source: Geekwire