Logitech delivers the trackball mouse you have been waiting a decade for



Logitech today announced Logitech MX ERGO, its first wireless trackball mouse in nearly a decade. The MX ERGO will offer great comfort with a unique adjustable hinge and precision tracking with multi-device connectivity.

Logitech claims that MX ERGO reduces muscular strain by 20% when compared to a standard mouse. It features an adjustable metal hinge with angle options at either 0 and 20 degrees, letting you adjust to your desired comfort. The carefully sculpted shape gives your hand full palm and finger support, while the soft rubber on the top ensures a good grip for long hours of work.

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MX ERGO comes with a precision mode button that will allow users to adjust cursor speed and sensitivity easily. The scroll wheel features side-to-side scrolling and middle click that will help users get things done faster with quick access to shortcuts.

MX ERGO works using a rechargeable battery and it last up to four months on a full charge. Logitech mentioned that MX ERGO can also give you a full day of work with just one minute of charge.

The Logitech MX ERGO will be available in September for $99. An exclusive edition will also available at Best Buy for $99.99 as MX ERGO Plus.

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