Local Scout brings the Mango Local Scout feature to unsupported countries


12, 2011

Wondering what’s nearby? If Local Scout feature from Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) isn’t supported in your country, this application will maybe help you find interesting places around your GPS location, all over the world.

The app is called (wait for it) Local Scout and tries to satisfy your taste of local Mango features, which, if you’re not from UK or US, may not be supported in your region.

Local Scout can’t find every restaurant or shop near you, but will help you if you’re looking for example for castle, waterfall, world class golf club or ski centre, huge lake, old ruins, pyramid, tavern, tower or swimming pool.. That is what it does best because it’s connected to the online (and open!) database Tixik.com. Of course, if you’ll add some place to the Tixik.com database, it will pop up in Local Scout too.

Just run the app and see for yourself! And remember, it works all around the world, so it’s a must have on vacations.

Local Scout is $1.29 with a free trial and can be downloaded in Marketplace here.

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