LMT – new Multi-Touch application launcher for the HTC HD2 being developed

Our own resident hacker, l3v5y, who was instrumental in figuring out the multi-touch implementation in the HTC HD2, allowing the implementation of multi-touch controls in Morphgear and other emulators for example, is currently hard at work on his next great app – LMT launcher.

LMT is a very simple application at present – all it does is look out for a specific multi-touch gesture on the HTC HD2’s screen, in this case a downward swipe with 2 fingers, and run an application. 

However, even at this basic level, it already solves a major problem with the HTC HD2 – the lack of mappable buttons, and allows for the very efficient use of an application like TaskFacade, the great Windows Mobile task switcher (which came along years before the Pre btw).

The software is not quiet ready for release yet, and l3v5y intends to add further gestures such as rotation for example, so keep an eye on WMPoweruser.com for further developments.